Our Story

My name is Vange Wells Anderson - my journey in the business that I own today began when I was just 23 years old.  I was working at Intermedics in Freeport, Texas and received a phone call from my Dad (which we talked every day and for some reason he decided to just call me - LOL!) asking me to be a part of the family business!  I was living paycheck to paycheck - he offered me more money - so therefore at 23 it was a quick and easy decision.   At the time - I had no idea what the future would bring, however I was very familiar with the family business being that I had worked there through my teen years.

Wells Florist, Nursery and Landscape Co. has been a family owned and operated business since 1946 when my Grandparents opened it.  Eventually, I would become the 3rd generation owner!  After years of hands on learning, watching and doing - I realized that God had gifted me with a talent in design that pushed me to accomplish my goal of becoming a "Texas Master Florist".  

Then in 2006, my Dad made another offer that was again too good to refuse - he was ready to enjoy life a little more... to semi-retire from the retail business - and concentrate on his passion of growing plants, which is his wholesale nursery business at this time. So here  I am the 3rd generation owner of Wells Florist, Nursery and Landscape Co.(our brick and mortar store www.wellsflorist.com) which is still going strong!  My Mom says my eyes started twinkling and she could see the excitement of things to come. Even though the business continued to flourish, it became more challenging as malls and chain stores came on the horizon - That is when the changes started - "Out with the Old and In with the NEW".

Our brick and mortar store had always been a Full Service Florist, Nursery & Landscape Co. with fresh and silk arrangements, live and silk plants with some gift items - I gradually began what was to become - "The Boutique at Wells Florist" - I tested the waters by first selling seasonal tee's...they were a big hit!  So the ordering began - starting with shoes ( a gal's fav), jewelry, apparel, candles, men's items - because my husband goes to Market with me,  unique gifts and of course,  adorable children items - with too much to list... and a  little something for everyone!  It's 2500 square feet...FULL of "A SHOPPERS DELIGHT" - plus - we are constantly in search of... and receiving our top customer pics weekly.

After being a brick and mortar store for over 73 years - we are so happy to share our finds with y'all in launching our new online boutique - The Boutique At Wells Florist!  - we're super excited to have you on this journey with us! 

Thanks for visiting our online Boutique...Happy Shopping!